Fuel7: Careers

Let's face it - we do hard stuff, and not everyone is up to the challenge. We specialize in embedded linux, high performance multimedia solutions, real-time video and audio, system security and performance enhancement. We do a lot of work on the OMAP, in C and C++. We're a small group, and we often have more work than we can handle. But we don't just want another body.

Does This Sound Like You?

You're a linux savvy embedded developer, who has walked the walk. You build GenToo at home, just because. You write scripts in Tcl, Perl and Ruby to avoid typing the same thing three times a week. You've not only seen kernels before 2.6.xx, but you've rebuilt them from the ground up, with kernel configuration mods and custom code changes. You don't mind delving into the community to find the answers to a problem, but when you can't, you create the answer and feed it back. You don't need to look up the tar, egrep and find options, and you can do almost anything in the text world with find, sed, awk, sort, head, the shell and pipes. You're more familiar with insmod and lsmod, than you are with gimp. You've been known to dream with a command-line so you could use regex to get to the good stuff.

You have an entrepreneurial heart, understand the need to earn a living while still occasionally grabbing for that brass ring. Working with a team of like-minded guys creates opportunity for spin-offs, new products and equity sharing. You're always frustrated with things done wrong or stupidly (which seems to be WAY too common). You like being the guru, and are always looking to do more, learn more, be more.

If that's you, let's talk.

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