Fuel7: Architectiure & Platform Porting

Architecture / Platform Porting

Leverage our experience with different embedded architectures, processors and OSs.

We can help you port to a new platform, whether you're looking to: 

  • upgrade to a new processor family
  • port your software to a new hardware platform
  • replace your existing operating system

Moving from a different embedded OS to Linux can be accomplished in a number of ways. A popular method among our clients allows a gradual conversion.

An API Translation layer is crafted to allow the majority of your system to run directly on Linux, translating your old system calls into something Linux understands. Selected portions of your system are then individually converted to run directly on Linux, maximizing the value of the underlying system.Over time you can continue to convert your old applications into Linux apps, until you’re satisfied.

Fuel7 knows the pitfalls and difficulties involved in these types of migration efforts and can help with everything from architecture and system design, through custom driver creation to turn-key system migration.

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